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Increasing Purchase Intent: The Playbook for Marketers

Three proven strategies for winning customers

Read this practical guide and influence more consumers to buy your brand.

A consumer’s decision to buy is driven by brand actions that
happen well before the final transaction occurs.

If you can understand and adapt to the motivations behind consumer decisions, your brand can create more effective messaging and experiences that increase the likelihood of a purchase.

This ebook will teach you how to do just that by sticking to three essential strategies.

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TeamSnap is the #1 youth sports management app in North America. We help our brand partners convert families into superfans through youth sports marketing! Unlike other local marketing channels, we engage families when and where it matters most - at the field, at home, and on the go.

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You'll learn about

Playing to your strengths

Winning with partners through shared values

Leveraging existing brand fandom to create new customers